In the darkest of nights, you won’t be scared, UNTIL the red pigeon arrives

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  • In the dance of life’s sweet song, Do what makes your heart beat strong. Chase the moments, find your glee, Let your spirit wander free.

    Smile more often, bright and wide, In the little joys, confide. Love yourself just as you are, You’re a shining, splendid star.

    Confidence in self you’ll find, Brings a peace of heart and mind. Then one day, when least you see, Love will come, a sweet surprise to be.

    With your mate, those joys will grow, Every smile, a brighter glow. Tiny treasures, once so small, Now with them, you cherish all.

    Hand in hand, your hearts will soar, Love yourself and them even more. Life’s a tale of joy and cheer, Happily ever after, year by year.

    Credits to chat gpt ☝️

    As an answer to your question OP - Once I met my mate, I felt bad for treating myself so badly all those years before it.

  • This answer is purely fictional:

    Imagine all the rain drops forming a film of glass. Now this glass is curved like a cylinder since rain is basically water flowing from a pipe in the sky. So you are looking at the sun through a curved glass hence you see the curved bow. Now your eyes are spherical in shape, hence the light reflected off the cylinder will appear in colours. Go outside and look at any cylinder, you’ll see rainbow colours.

  • What’s the point of this feature ? If it were not evil, what problem would it solve ? How often do you go to your PC and think “what was that thing I saw but never thought to create a bookmark or save the link/image”.

    Even if people use it, it would be for something they missed because they thought it was unimportant or didn’t interest them, which is a very rare use case.

    And still it is a highlight feature !

    I wonder if it is lack of ideas or lack of commitment to create a good idea , given a technology, when these kinds of useless features are launched.