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  • the more we try to us/them our problems, the shittier our problems get.

    I agree to a point, but we also have to recognize that with eg. COVID and now H5Nx preparedness, the conservative mindset is a huge issue and purely driven by politics that they themselves purposefully try to polarize, by eg. outright lying about the effects of vaccines or even whether the disease was a real one or just some sort of communist plot to sap and impurify their precious bodily fluids.

    I’m not sure how something like this can be solved, when there’s a huge segment of the population who not only doesn’t believe in basic science but sees attempts at teaching it as attacks against their “values” and will sometimes react with literal violence

  • And there’s a frankly scarily high likelihood that it’s not an “if” but a “when” – some forecasters like the ALERT team, who are usually fairly accurate, give H5N1 turning into a pandemic about a 25% chance in the coming decade, which would generally mean it’d successfully specialized for infecting human lung tissues.

    If or when that pandemic does happen, there’s a chance it’d be extremely bad. Estimates for the infection fatality rate (IFR) range anywhere from 1 to 80%, eg. this article estimates 14 – 33%, but this article estimates 30 – 80% for the current strains. Needless to say that even a 10% fatality rate would be disastrous, something like 20x – 50x worse than COVID. Note that the IFR is distinct from the case fatality rate (CFR) which is currently something like 50% – 80%, but those are only the cases we know of and the ones bad enough to end up in hospital, but based on eg. wastewater studies the number of total infected is probably a lot higher than the cases we’ve seen so far.

    Some estimates for eg the 1918 pandemic put its IFR at around 2% but some studies have pointed out it’s likely that that’s an underestimate, and eg. the ALERT team gives it a ~60% chance that the IFR for H5N1 would be ≥10%. Not letting this thing turn into a pandemic should be a top priority for health authorities, but nobody seems to be willing to actually take the steps needed, such as shutting down mink farms here in Finland – our extremist right-wing government is instead paying subsidies to a dying industry that centers around animal torture even though it’s a prime zoonosis candidate. And let’s not forget that H5N1 is just one of the highly pathogenic avian influenzas going around right now, although it is by far the most pressing one at the moment.

    Conservatives will always prioritize money over lives. The only consolation I have is that even though they might still lead us to potentially even hundreds of millions of needless deaths if/when this does turn into a pandemic, they’ll be the ones refusing to get vaccinated and therefore more likely to die.

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    He’s more than earned the hate and jeering he gets though; he’s a remarkably shitty person even for a reich-wing billionaire and that’s really saying something. And it’s not like it’s just Lemmy, people dunk on him everywhere that’s not a conservative safe space. Plus the fact that his cultists show up almost without fail and are generally as unhinged as he is just makes it more fun