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  • This is classic greenwashing. It’s the smallest possible gesture a soda company can make to show that they “care about the environment” while not making any actual change to be more eco-friendly.
    Same thing with those awful paper straws. Are you really asking me to believe that a massive burger chain can neutralize their footprint by giving you a straw that turns soggy in minutes? The straws were never the real problem, but it’s the smallest possible step they can take to seem eco-friendly.

  • Icelandic is full of fun idioms:
    “He’s totally outside driving” = he’s very incorrect about something, possibly crazy
    “It’s hard to grab his horns” = He’s very headstrong and stubborn
    “A wave rarely comes alone” = If something bad happens, usually a lot of bad things happen at once
    “He hasn’t peed into the salty sea” = he’s young an inexperienced
    “He has unclean flour in the corner of the bag” = he’s untrustworthy
    “I totally come from the mountains” = I’m out of the loop, unaware of recent developments